Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Mother's Love

A mother's love never dies,
It is ever present in the lives of her family.
When God calls her home,
and her family is left grieving,
God provides the comfort of treasured memories .
Memories of laughter, memories of tears, memories from throughout the years.
When the family is sad,
and the tears are at hand,
God reminds them,
that He took her home.
Home, where she'll spend eternity clothed in righteousness;
Home where she heard, "Well done thou good and faithful servant,";
Home where she will be in the presence;
The presence of her Lord and Savior.


Marion Kelley Bullock said...

Dear Marcy,

I'm proud of you. Opening yourself up to others is the only way to grow as a writer. And the writers in ACFW are encouragers. They're not out there to criticize or condemn. They want you to succeed.
Rest assured, your mother would be so-o-o-o proud of you, too.



Anonymous said...

I am incredibly proud of you too, cousin!!! This poem is just so beautiful, it made me cry. I'm glad you are choosing to share your writings with others, I believe that is God's will. You have a talent for it, and God expects you to use it, not be afraid and hide it from others. Good work, I love you!!!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely poem...one of the nicest and most heartfelt I've ever read. It is very comforting!

Sue M