Thursday, March 16, 2006

Prince Charming

Like a petulant child,
I thought my parents were overprotective.
I rebelled.
I married my prince charming,
Who turned out to me more of a toad.
I lived in misery,
Wondering why God allowed the pain.
I rebelled.
My life was worthless,
I was insignificant.
I ran from God.
I tried to quiet my mind.
I searched for an outlet,
Singles bars and wild friends.
Yet, I never quite fit in.
I cried tears until there were no more.
I tried to end it all,
The pain would have to go.
My God never left my side.
I rebelled, He remained faithful.
I cried, He dried my tears.
He called,
I ran to Him,
Tragedy still finds me,
Now I run to Him -
He holds me up,
I run to Him,
He fills me with joy.
He binds my broken heart,
He loves me no matter what.
I run,
I run,
I run to Him.


Paula said...

Beautiful. Isn't it amazing how He continues to pursue us even when we run from Him. I'm learning to run to Him. Glad you are, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see myself in this one :)
Amazing how far one can run, isn't it? But it only takes one step to get back to Him.
Love you!