Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Depths

It is amazing how Satan decides to plunge us into the depths. He continues until it feels as though he is holding our heads under water and just before we drown, he pulls us up for a quick breath, then he plunges us right back under, leaving us fighting for life.

If we listen closely, we will even hear his demonic laughter with each plunge under the water.

If we listen, in the midst of gasping for air, we'll hear the voice of Jesus telling us, "I'll never leave you nor forsake you. My plans are to prosper you, not harm you."

As we come up for air before being plunged into the depths again, we might ask, "Lord, how is this going to prosper me?"

We need to listen to Jesus tell us that He knows we will plunged into the depths and He hurts with us each time we go under, but He reminds us that He has a firm grip on us and God's hands are wrapped around His.

Together, they will keep us from drowning. Satan is allowed to dunk us in the depths, but not drown us.

Jesus uses the depths of our lives like the potter uses water. The depths, like water on clay, make us more yielding to His will. He uses it to make us more like Him.

When Satan plunges us into the depths, we need to cry out to Jesus. We need to ask Him to mold us and shape us - make us more like Him.

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