Friday, August 11, 2006

A Vile Creature

A vile creature like no other,
A fountain spewing obscenities,
A pewtrid tide of death and destruction flows like a river.
A mere utterance cripples men, destroys women, and wounds children.
Poisonous flowers drip from delicate, ruby tendrils.
The seductive perfume permeates the air,
Yet just beneath the surface likes the rottinc, decaying stench of death.

A Lovely Creature like no other,
A crimson tide of love and mercy flows like a river of lava covering the vile creature.
The slightest utterence heals the wounded, binds up the broken-hearted.
Forgiveness drips from the strong, healing Vine.
The crimson tide has washed the decay to the ocean floor.
Just beneath the surface lies the vibrant, beautiful Blood of life.

A creature vile no more,
Washied in the Crimson Tide.
Death and decay are held at bay.
Love has triumphed.
The creature has been transformed into a new creature.

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