Sunday, February 14, 2010


Teenagers today face an uphill battle when trying to remain pure until marriage. They are bombarded with sex.

Advertisers, TV and movie producers know that sex sells so they do their best to sell it to our teens. Turn on any television program and there is a good chance it's a sit-com revolving around sex. Most of the commercials involve sex. Whether they use a beautiful woman in a scantily clad outfit or show two people in bed, they use sex to sell.

TV and movies show the exciting side of sex but they don't show the dark side. They don't show the desolate, lonely, heartbreaking side of sex outside of marriage. We never see how a girl feels isolated and sad afterwards.

Telling our young people that purity should be saved until marriage is not enough. We must be examples of purity in our marriages. We must show them how God intended sex and love to be used.

Television and movies are strong influences on young people and many will make mistakes and suffer the consequences of those mistakes. When they do, they must know that we will always be here for them, to love them and help them through the rough times.

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