Sunday, October 31, 2010

One Day at a Time

Some days we must just put one foot in the front of the other and continue on in spite of circumstances or how we feel. We can either take a deep breath and force ourselves forward or we can wallow in our pain.

When we wallow in our pain, whether physical or emotional, we are giving the enemy a stronghold in our lives. We are believing his lies about our situation instead of believing God's promises to prosper us and not harm us.

If we strive to continue the race in spite of our physical or emotional pain, God's glory will be shown through us.

Let's take that first step!

1 comment:

Nike Chillemi said...

What wise counsel you've given.

I agree with you. We are to finish the race God has set before us.

I think we can make pit stops along the way, but we can quit. :)