Saturday, January 15, 2011

If we are to believe Jesus, the greatest gift is love. Why then as Christ followers do we struggle with loving others? So many misguided Christians believe they can change the world we live in with hate but their demonstrations of hate, only serve to drive a chasm between non-believers and Christ followers.

Jesus hung out with whores and tax collectors. He loved them. By loving them, He showed them a better way of life and saw their lives changed. Jesus never protested at a funeral. He, unlike the Pharisees, never spoke hate to sinners. He said we are to love our enemies. He loved those who hung Him on a cross enough to ask God to forgive them because "they know not what they do."

I have a dear friend who frequently says, "You can't expect lost sheep to act like they know the Shepherd." this profound comment serves as my reminder that I need to love those lost sheep even more because I was once a lost sheep.

I don't believe Jesus would protest at funerals. I think He would reach out to the grieving families with love. Jesus showed us that love, not hate, changes lives. So, as Christ followers, we should reach out to those who are hurting with love, not hate.

We will never change our country by protesting and disseminating hate. Our country can be changed for the better but it is only through demonstrating Christ's love. We will never reach people for Christ if we hate them and we have no right to hate the lost sheep since we were once lost sheep.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you! I would like to speak with the "shepherd" of that church. He is doing such harm. He is one of the walking wounded. God remove the scales from his eyes so that he may see You.

Anonymous said...

The same thing has been on my mind, Marcy! I don't understand that church at all (I was so steamed to hear that they planned to picket the little girl's funeral, it made me sick to my stomach). We, as Christians, are supposed to LOVE. Even if we don't agree with people or their worldview. The command was to love our restrictions or caveats included. Simply love.

mikedumas68 said...

Very true, I was feeling the same way the other day, I try not to get upset over the things people do "under Christ's name".