Thursday, January 20, 2011

Review of Marion Kelley Bullock's "Claymore Legacy"

Ten-year-old Jenny Claymore has an idyllic life until tragedy strikes. She loses her unborn sibling and her mother in one fell swoop. Within six months of her beloved mother's death, her father marries a vicious woman.

After suffering abuse at the hands of her step-mother, Jenny eventually leaves home. Years later, she returns for her father's funeral. A virtual stranger in her childhood home, she has a feeling of impending doom, then someone tries to kill her.

Can she find out who wants her dead before it's too late?

Thriller suspense at it's best. A real page turner!


Anonymous said...

I think how people talk in their own home is up to them, I am offended. But, I do believe you have to answer for those words when you stand before God. People SHOULD have more respect for others than to say off colored words. After all, many years ago men were gentlemen and women were too shy to even think about saying such things. Sex was not talked about back in those days. I am however, offended when I see teenagers in public being so disrespectful to people, such as the way they act with eachother, sexually, that is not becoming to either of them. Television has taught our kids way too much and parents forgot how to be parents by letting the television raise them. When I read a Christian book, I want to be entertained. Seeing the F word in every other line of other books is not entertainment to me and I won't read them.

Marcy G. Dyer said...

I agree that seeing the "F" word in every other line is not entertainment. I knew I was stirring up a hornets nest with my question but I like to see what people think and get dialogue going.

I think Christian fiction should deal with real life situations and writer's should find a chaste way to deal with those topics.

I appreciate your response.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very good book I will have to check it out!