Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Taboo Subjects in Christian Fiction

Continuing our discussion of Christian fiction, what subjects should be taboo? Are you offended if a Christian novel deals with the subject of child abuse and molestation? What about homosexuality or spousal abuse? Would you be offended by a novel that deals with abortion and the terrible aftermath? What about rape?

Are there subject matters that you find offensive no matter how well the author deals with the touchy subject, even if that author deals with it in a Biblical way?

I look forward to your comment.


Yoli said...

No, the topics mentioned should not be taboo in Christian fiction. Sadly, those things are life and it is helpful reading how Christians handle these painful things.

Marcy G. Dyer said...

I agree with you, Yoli. Christian fiction should deal with real life but we don't have to deal with it in the same ways that secular fiction deals with it.

I'm enjoying seeing what others think about these topics. I appreciate your comments.

Anonymous said...

So true, in real life today we face these issues. People are destroyed by abortion, families are devastated by abuse and molestation. We live in a fallen world and Christian writers need to tackle these topics but do it in a Christian manner.

I don't mind a blunt conversation about sexual abuse as long there is a purpose behind the frank discussion. If it is discussed openly in order for healing, then by all means, it must be discussed openly.

Most rape victims don't come forth because of shame. If we as Christians don't speak out with love and acceptance for victims, then who will?

Jesus told us to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. Sometimes in order to do that, we must interact with the homeless, dirty, promiscuous, etc. Christian authors should reach out to the hurting with real books about real life.

James A Woods said...

I don't see any reason why Christian fiction should not cover the same topics discussed in the Bible. And the Bible pretty well covers it all. So I say there are no taboo subjects in Christian fiction.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other comments...nothing should be taboo. These are real-life situations that affect everyone, and it doesn't make sense to leave it out, or make it taboo, just because it isn't of the Lord or is uncomfortable to discuss. The author needs to handle it carefully and to look at it through the lens of a believer. Just because it shouldn't be taboo doesn't give the author license to be gratuitous. But, really, what is the point of fiction that glosses over the heavy stuff?

Danlen James said...

Those subjects should not be considered taboo in Christian fiction - as long as it isn't blatantly sex for the sake of sex.

I have a novel I'm writing now which contains some explicit sex - (to a point) but in the context of newlyweds exploring each other on their wedding night.

Read Song of Solomon in the Bible.

Sex in a marriage context is something very special, as the Bible shows. And I think we can display it that way in our writings.

Danlen James

Marcy G. Dyer said...


I agree we only need to look to the Bible to see that sex should not be a taboo subject. As you pointed out, the Song of Solomon talks about sex in the context of marriage.

It's been very interesting to see everyone's take on this. Thanks so much for posting!