Thursday, February 17, 2011

Character Development

Randy Ingermanson suggests interviewing our characters to learn more about them. As we interview them, we find what makes them tick.

In the book, What Would Your Character Do? The authors, Eric Maisel, Ph.D. and Ann Maisel, give a multitude of scenarios and questions to ask your character or to see how your character reacts.

Let's look at one of those scenarios:
Your character has a seat in a lounge chair at the near empty pool. Shortly after sitting, a stranger enters the pool area and has a seat next to your character. The stranger asks the character a very personal question. How does your character respond?
  • Does your character respond only if
    1. She finds the stranger attractive
    2. She finds the stranger safe
    3. She finds the stranger interesting
    4. She finds the stranger dangerous
    5. She finds the stranger familiar 
The book goes on to explain the psychological implications of the way your character responds to each reaction then it follows up with further questions, such as, how does your character reply?

What techniques do you use to develop your characters?

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