Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Citing References in Your Blog

When blogging or writing any other non-fiction article, it is important to cite references. By citing our references, we are giving credit to others who developed the material, assembled the data or wrote the original article while bringing credibility to our blog post.

MLA and APA formats are the two common methods of citing sources. According to the APA, if the reference is a website, it should be cited in the body of the document. http://www.uwp.edu/departments/library/guides/apa.htm

The MLA format for citing a website also includes listing the website but it may be done as a footnote.(1)

MLA and APA both also have formats for citing individual blogs. 

MLA Format:  Last name, First name, "Title of Specific blog article", Weblog entry. Title of Weblog, Date posted. Date accessed (url)

APA Format: Last name, First Initial Title of blog entry. Retrieved date, from http://www.blogname.com(2)

If books are used for reference, the APA and MLA also provide guidelines for citing them.

When following the APA in citing books, use an alphabetical listing of the sources used. These sources should be placed at the end of the document in a footnote. 

The first line of each citation begins flush left but the second line has a hanging indention. Initial should be used for the author's first and middle names and the citation should be documented with the last name first coma first initial.

Single spaces should be used to separate each element and only the first letter of the first word of the title of books and articles should be capitalized unless the word is a proper noun. The first word of subtitles after a colon is also capitalized.

When using the MLA to cite works in a list, works should be arranged in alphabetical order by the author's surname or by title for works without authors. (4) 

Titles and subtitles should be capitalized with the exception of articles, prepositions, coordinating conjunctions, or the "to" in infinitives.

The publisher's name should be shortened by eliminating articles, business abbreviations and descriptive words. If there are multiple publishers, include all of them and place a semicolon between each publisher.

If more than one city is used for the same publisher, use only the first city. Use the conjunction "and' when listing multiple authors of a single work. Do not use p. or pp. to designate page numbers.

Like with the APA, a hanging indention should be used.

(1) http://www.library.cornell.edu/resrch/citmanage/mla#styles

(2) http://studenthacks.org/2007/10/22/cite-blog/
(3)University of Wisconsin Parkside Library 
(4) http://www.library.cornell.edu/resrch/citmanage/mla#styles

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