Thursday, March 29, 2012

Forgotten Children of Ukraine Part II

Doxa Kids Volunteers playing soccer with the street children

The forgotten kids of Ukraine are starved for attention. They have never known unconditional love and acceptance. The children escaped homes of famine and abuse to live in the harsh streets of the city.

Street life brings it's own brand of torture. One child, seeking shelter from the freezing temperatures, slept in the entry hall to an apartment building. Since he lived on the streets, he was dirty and smelly. Some men in the apartment building told him to leave several times but the child kept returning because had no where else to go. 

One night the men poured gasoline on the child and set him on fire. The boy survived but his scars ran deep. From this, he learned that adults hate can't be trusted.

Another young woman, Dasha, spent most of her time on the streets because her father was a very abusive man. Her mother couldn't leave her husband because the government apartment was in his name. She would have been on the streets with Dasha and the other children.

A Doxa Kids Volunteer horsing around with two street kids
The girls who live in the streets face assault and rape because there is no one to defend them. Many become prostitutes at a young age in order to survive. Most of the boys on the streets resort to crime in order to stay alive.

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